Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Chloe Anne

We went to visit the Rayners on Sunday. We had a lot of fun accept I woke Chloe up from her nap and it took a while for her to calm down. Woops! Another lesson learned.

She has grown so much! Praise God she gained a pound and a few ounces!

Awww...Baby Feet

Thursday, May 25, 2006

Welcome Home Chloe

Welcome home Chloe Anne.

Katie and Chloe.

An updated picture of Chloe. She is too Cute.

Thursday, May 04, 2006

It's a Girl!

Precious Chloe

Mommy & Baby

The Whole Family

First granddaughter!

Sweet Chloe Anne was born at 5:40 pm last night and it was one of the most unbelievable experiences of my life. I had the privilege of being in the room when she delivered and can I just say the anticipation was almost unbearable! Marianne, Tanya, Kurt & I stayed the night at the hospital the night before waiting for the contractions & dilation to come but unfortunately by 7:00 am there was no progress.

Marianne and I had tried to sleep on and off but that didn't work out so well. At about 7:15 am she and I left to go home for a little while (I took a nap). John woke me up and told me that the doctor had come by and things were beginning to happen. By 5:15 she was ready and it all happened so quickly. When I saw Chloe's perfect little head come out I was in awe of God's greatness. He allowed a smooth delivery and a completely healthy baby girl. The excitement in the room was unforgettable! There was screaming, crying, smiles and laughs! One of the sweetest moments was when Kurt was looking at Chloe and just started weeping. He said, "Now there are to very important women in my life." God is so good and so faithful.

Katie and Kurt are amazing parents and I know this will only continue to bring them closer to the Lord and each other. Katie is such a beautiful woman inside and out and a remarkable example in my life of a godly wife and mother and I am so blessed and honored to call her my sister. I will never forget these moments as long as I live. Praise God for this very good and perfect gift because Lord it's all from you.