Monday, December 24, 2007

Let it snow...Let it snow...Let it snow...

Merry Christmas

We took this picture after the first snowfall in October. It was a beautiful day.

Jane loved her Noah's Ark!

This was the first stocking that I sewed but it didn't phase Jane.

Our Christmas morning was so fantastic. It snowed for about 4 hours and then the sun came out. Our favorite gift was Jane under the tree with a big red bow on her head.

Jane's bath time mohawk

Jane's preferred eating her presents rather than opening them.

On Thanksgiving at the Lake House.

My sweet girl up at 7:00 am and ready for the day!

Hi baby-girl! Merry Christmas!

Mommy & Jane on Christmas

The snowman that John and I built while Jane was napping.

The 4 foot long icicle John found on the roof!

Anyone want to make a hamburger for dinner?

Daddy & Jane being silly...

Snowing like crazy!

We went and chopped our tree down.

Jane and me looking for a tree.

Thanksgiving 2007

Our house in December.

This is Jane's new smile for the camera. She scrunches her nose and we just love it. We made it down to Southern Cali alright, we hit some snowy roads above Bishop but John was my hero and got us through. Praise the Lord.

Monday, December 10, 2007

Events in 2007

So John and I got to thinking and this year has been the most insane year of our lives. Here is a run down:

January - 5 months pregnant, John in final semester, looking for ministry position
February - John went to Nevada to candidate for position and offered the position
March - Received offer from the church and accepted position - started packing for move
April - 5 days overdue with baby, Daisy stopped working - still packing and setting up baby room; trying to sell our house
May - Jane born on the 2nd, John graduates, we are trying to sell our house
June - Move to Woodfords, CA and have found someone to buy our house - Jane 4 weeks old, go to the lake, cousin's wedding, celebrate our 4 year anniversary
July - Begin ministry at Hilltop and go to Junior High camp, spend some time at home
August - Finally sell our house, kill lots of mice in the house - see a HUGE bear in the backyard, trip home to LA
September - John marries a life long friend and his fiance in San Diego, stay in town for a few days, Josh and Laura visit
October- Don visits, we have our first day of real snow and take our Christmas picture :), went to the lake house
November - Thanksgiving at the Lake house, Mom visited, and a surprise visit from my friend Tracy
December - Got in accident driving through the snow (we are all just fine praise God). John's grandma's 90th birhtday in San Jose, cut down our Christmas tree, MORE SNOW

These are just some of the highlights of this year.

June 2007

Jane wondering about the world and smiling at her Dad.

Jane riding in the boat at the lake house.

This picture was taken at the top of the mountain on our way to the lake house. It is so beautiful and I can't believe we live here. The Lord has taught us so much and we are continually reminded of His care and the beauty of the world that He has created.

Meadowranch Junior High Camp 2007

The three of us up at Hume Lake in July.

This was our group of the junior high students and the staff that went with us. We had an incredible time and one of the students came to know Christ. This was about 1 month after we had moved up here and Jane was about 2 1/2 months old.

The bus that we drove up was brand new but we ended up breaking down about 45 minutes after the adventure began. The parents were so amazing and came to our rescue. Our trip which was supposed to take 7 hours ended up taking 11. The students didn't mind of course and we all got to talk and get to know each other a little better.