Tuesday, June 05, 2012

We're Pregnant!!

Praise the Lord that I am 13 weeks pregnant and we had our appointment yesterday.  The heart beat was 161 and everything is looking great.  SO excited!  I am due on December 9th which is so awesome because it's John's Grandma's birthday too.  So there will be one more added to the clan, may it all be for God's glory.


 Jane's preschool class the day of the Fire Department field trip.
 The month of March in the classroom.
 Jane and her classmates.
 The fireman answering questions.
 The fireman explaining safety tips.
 The class and the firemen.
 One firefighter showed how to crawl in a building that is on fire.
 Daddy and Jane.
 John got to play some worship songs in Jane's class and give them the gospel.  Praise the Lord for every seed planted.  May it yield fruit in its season.
 Loving on Daddy.
 It finally snowed!
 Jacob Bird playing on our swingset.
 The Bird family dropped by for dinner as they made their way back to Kansas City.  Thankful for the time the kids got to play together.
 Jonah Bird eating some snow.
 We enjoyed corned beef and cabbage while the kiddos ate dinosaur chicken fingers :)
 Me and my dear friend Amy Bird.  Her husband is ministering at a Harvest.  So thankful for their ministry and friendship that has lasted past seminary.
 Jacob, Jonah and Jane.  Well both dads are very tall so this could be a match!  Both kids Jonah & Jane, are going to be at least 6' tall or more.
 John and Scott, brothers in arms!
 Jammy time with Jane, Jonah and Noah.
 Dressing up Brookie.
 She is our clown!

 Sweet girls.
 Brooke and Jane growing up.
 Silly faces
Me, Lydia and Angie at Angie's baby shower.  I had the blessing of sharing the devotional and studied out a few passages on adoption.  Because our Savior Jesus Christ, called out "Abba Father" and "not my will but thine be done..." in the garden before he was crucified we now have access to God and can cry out Abba Father!  What a priceless sacrifice He paid. 
Diane (Grandma B), Angie (Mom), Lydia (sweet daughter), Judy (Grandma) & Misty (Auntie)  We had a beautiful shower complete with pad thai, thai salad, shrimp lettuce wraps, thai iced tea, ginger scones and mango sticky rice.  It was a beautiful day and it started to snow.  Tina decorated incredibly.

February 2012

One of our favorite spots Genoa, NV.  Beautiful place.

Jane playing under the table.

Brookie-bear by an old building.

Me and Jane taking a snooze while Brooke explores.

 Our usual stop at the general store for some Tahoe Creamery Icecream.   So good!
 Brooke being silly.
 Dear friends who just arrived home from adopting their daughter from Thailand.  Angie (Mom) Lydia (baby girl) Diane (Gramma).
 The cute Lynn family.  Josh, Jimmy, Lydia and Ange.
 Happy 2nd birthday Brooke!
 No Jane, it's not your birthday sweetheart.
 Brooke is our little clown.  we're not quite sure what this smile means.
 My sweet girls.
 Band in a box from Grammy.
 Jane and Mommy made a yummy strawberry cupcake cake.
 Nigel and Sereena Shailer visited from New Zealand and Nigel preached for John on Sunday.  What a blessing to have the pastor that married us 9 years ago preach in the pulpit of our church! 
God is awesome.
 Me and my sweet Sereena.
 Love the Kiwis!  Sharing a meal and fellowship. 
 Baby Lydia (adopted from Thailand) and dear friend Angie.

Sharing the blessing book I have kept up since we began ministry. It's a story of God's grace and incredible provision. One way the Lord provided was through Granny in our first year of seminary. She has always encouraged John to preach the word! We love her dearly.

Giving Granny some love.

 Granny and Jane.
Granny, Brooke and Jane.

Monday, June 04, 2012


 The kids sang a couple of carols on Christmas Day.

Jane got a tea cart from Grammy for Christmas.  She loves it!

The 4 of us after church on Christmas.

My Mom came to stay for 2 weeks at Christmas.  Blessed to have her.

Our tree.

Jane's preschool class.

Our leadership Christmas dinner.

White elephant gift exchange.

I was laughing so hard.  A giant potato bowl with lid.  It looks just as ridiculous in person.  

Jane making Christmas cookies with a couple of girls from school.

They were adorable in their little aprons.  We read "The Mousekins," one of my favorite books growing up and my Mom found it at this cute little book shop (reminded me of the book store in the movie, You've Got Mail.)

Me and my Janey.