Monday, June 04, 2012


 The kids sang a couple of carols on Christmas Day.

Jane got a tea cart from Grammy for Christmas.  She loves it!

The 4 of us after church on Christmas.

My Mom came to stay for 2 weeks at Christmas.  Blessed to have her.

Our tree.

Jane's preschool class.

Our leadership Christmas dinner.

White elephant gift exchange.

I was laughing so hard.  A giant potato bowl with lid.  It looks just as ridiculous in person.  

Jane making Christmas cookies with a couple of girls from school.

They were adorable in their little aprons.  We read "The Mousekins," one of my favorite books growing up and my Mom found it at this cute little book shop (reminded me of the book store in the movie, You've Got Mail.)

Me and my Janey.

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Emily said...

My favorite photo is the one of the Christmas tree...with no ornaments on the bottom third! What a fun reminder of the stage of life you're in with little hands all into everything! =) Love you!