Thursday, June 18, 2009

Resolved Conference

We were missing Josh & Angie in this photo but here we all are. Love you guys!

The Oasis room

The teaching was indescribable! Listen for yourself at !

John MacArthur spoke on what to look for in a shepherd, incredible! We praise God for the years that he has been our shepherd.

Rick Holland gave the greatest sermon I have ever heard on sexual purity.

Steve Lawson aka "the wrecking ball" preached on the beatitudes and as Rick Holland said, "preached the sermon of his life." Tremendous!

CJ Mahaney, gave the most insightful sermon on dealing with the downcast soul & God's gift to us was his sermon on progressive sanctification. What an honor to glean from this man!

This picture encompasses all that John Piper is: in love with His Savior, in constant awe of His grace and a passion I have seen nowhere else of explaining the treasures he has found in Scripture. Thank you to our modern day heroes who preach the Word in & out of season. Theirs is a faith that is worth much because it costs them, much. Praise God for your power & grace. Love you Lord!

Sunday, June 07, 2009

The 2 loves of my life

It doesn't get much better than this. Thank you Lord for your unending blessings.

Jane's 2nd Birthday Party

After everyone left we took a family photo

Jane & Daddy

So much fun! We did a candy shop in the front window. We had taffy, ring pops, razzles, lemonheads and jane's favorite sucker-poppies (her word for lollipops). The flags were fun to make, I just cut triangles out of different papers that I had on hand and then sewed them to the ribbon. It's great because I will definitely pull those out for years to come.

The kids stood in single file and at the beginning of the line there were treat bags for each of them to fill up. So much fun.

My fist attempt at cake balls and they were a big hit. See the Pioneer Woman website to see a step-by-step tutorial on them. So fun & reatively easy.

Here is Jane's invitation. I sent a picture with it. This party was really fun and simple things to make it special. I cut the invitation into a circle and then wrapped with celo and tied with a bow. Got some cute ideas on line. Also, I took clothes pins and stuck glue dots on the back of the little candy labels and just stuck in on the side of the jar. Most of the candy was from the dollar store!

Happy Birthday Janie, we love you. Thanks for stopping by everyone!

Jane & her friends