Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Trip to Kauaii


Here's the Scoop...I was heading home from work on Monday, August 14th, and I just had to stop at Target and get a test. I found this awesome one that had 3 in 1 so I decided to take one there!!! I was just so excited. Unfortunately the test was inconclusive (or so I thought) because the line was so faint but I bought 2 little bibs anyway; each saying "I Love Daddy," one in pink and one in blue. I decided to wait and tell John after I had taken another test. The next morning I took the 2nd and again the line was too faint (but there was a line). Wednesday, August 16th was the infamous day! I actually took the test on my lunch break at work and low and behold that second line was extremely dark!

I called John immediately but no answer- he was in a meeting at church- so for about 2 hours God & I were the only ones who knew :) So when I finally spoke with John I could barely contain myself and nothing that I said could convince him to come to my work so I asked him to go look in the car for something that I needed (the bibs happened to be in the back seat) and immediately he knew even before he found the bag. He showed up about 5 seconds later and we jumped around and laughed and cried a little. So I realized that if there is ANY kind of line on a test - it's positive!

Praise the Lord for His amazing blessing and miracle in our lives.