Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Harvest Carnival

Chris & Amy serving at the pizza booth.

Brent & Amanda serving at the Friendship Class fishing booth.

Oh Dear! Clearly Beth & Jen had a rough day. They came walking out of the bushes. So funny.

Arthur went on a missions trip to India and brought back the perfect outfit.

Me & Tracy serving at the women's ministry table.

Daisy Pregnant 15 weeks

So, I have experienced "quickening" (the first movements of your baby). It is pretty spectacular. I am not feeling them regularly yet but I am told soon enough the baby won't STOP moving. I am anticipating that time. Striving to give glory to God as you experience morning sickness all day is truly a dying to self. It's difficult but God has given me strength and perseverance and I am very blessed.

Baking for Harvest Carnival

Stacey baking muffins!

Crystal & Ella
We had a great night! Made lots of treats for the Harvest Carnival and had great fellowship as well.