Sunday, June 22, 2008


This state is amazing. From the hikes through ice caves in glaciers to catching a 30 lb. fish, and people dropping off dungenous crabs, because they have too much, this place is amazing. It is awesome to see how the Lord has blessed us with such a diverse world

Have you ever fought an Alaskan King Salmon in Alaska?
40" 30 lbs. and I am not talking about Jane. This is one big fish.

And yes...Im bringing home the meat.

After a 2 hr hike and "bushwacking" through some Alaskan wilderness, we came up to Mendenhall Glacier. It is amazing to see into the depths of the ice caves and see and hear its slow movement.

Our dear friends Tracy and Alan invited us to come and stay with them in Juneau, Alaska. So far we have gone downtown, driven to the end of 2 roads, hiked by the West Glacier Trail, gone to their church, went to a camp site and killed amazing amounts of bugs with these electric bug zappers. No, we haven't seen any bears yet but; John and Alan hiked up to the top of the glacier and saw a porcupine! We are headed to the tram tomorrow and to go gold panning. We are having a nice time. Flying in was so amazing and yesterday was the longest day of the year. In fact, it's almost 11:00 pm and it is dusk outside. Crazy!