Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter Sunday

Our first Easter service at Harvest Bible Chapel Carson-Tahoe. John's sister & brother-n-law came up with the kiddos to share the day with us. God gave John an incredible sermon and I praise him for his mighty hand at work in all of our lives. We love you Lord.

Just the four of us.

All the kiddos together, so adorable!

Chloe & Jane

Outside of church

Brooke walking while we were staying at the lake house.

My Brookie Bear.

Trips to Southern California

Daisy, Brooke and Janey.

Jane and I had our first tea together. There is a Christian owned tea house in Lancaster that we have gone to a couple times. WE had a lot of fun together. I will remember it always. I think we will make it a tradition.

Stephanie Noll and Laura Barstad at Steph's shower.
My sweet friends from LA.

Me and my Janey.

Chloe and Jane having princess tea with tiara shaped scones.

Oh dear!

Cute closet full of hats for the girls to try on.

Decorations as Steph's shower. They chesked out books from the library as decorations.

We had fun desserts, fruit and beverages.

Chloe and Jane at Disneyland in March.

They are dear friends and only 1 year apart. So thankful for our sweethearts.

First Day of Skiing with Janey

She enjoyed herself and was having a little down time after being on the mountain for several hours.

My Mother-in-Law (MIL) helping Jane ski. It was my first day too so I was of no use :)

Jane was brave and by the end of the day was going down the little hill by herself! She did a great job. I got down the mountain a few times too and had so much fun. The snow was great and it was wonderful spending time with our family.