Friday, November 14, 2008

Carson Mission Project

God is so good. John lead the high school students on a local mission trip and we have been blown away by the response. The agenda was as follows:

Thursday: Arrive at the church & Dinner (worship lead by Robbie Conrad who they met at Hume Lake Christian Summer camp)

Friday: Early morning serving at the local Native American Reservation. The kids were able to paint an entire room, pack up over 100 boxes of food, wrap presents for the children and clean out and organize 3 sheds. They came back to the church that night and served at the harvest carnival. THey put labels on 2,000 water bottles with our church's information.

Saturday: Passed out water bottles at the parade & street evangelism. That night they went door to door and invited people to church and asked for prayer requests. They went to over 400 homes. Had a worship time and dessert.

Sunday: Woke up extremely early and served food to the homeless.

After the time there were 5 students who took initiative and went back to the reservation to help reach out to the children on the reservation. They were so excited and there is nothing more precious than seeing these kids excited for God and seeing His power in their lives. Amazing God!