Tuesday, June 05, 2012

We're Pregnant!!

Praise the Lord that I am 13 weeks pregnant and we had our appointment yesterday.  The heart beat was 161 and everything is looking great.  SO excited!  I am due on December 9th which is so awesome because it's John's Grandma's birthday too.  So there will be one more added to the clan, may it all be for God's glory.


Emily said...

CONGRATULATIONS COX FAMILY!!!!! How amazing would it be if this baby was born on Granny's birthday!

G&S said...

Omi word, looked at every picture!!! Got my Cox fix for the evening. Rejoicing with you all with these past months. Will pray continually for healthy baby (boy-ahem, did I just say that?). So yeah...love you a bunch! Thanks for sharing, be in touch soon :).

Ron Mirbaha said...

Dear John and Daisy, I have not known a more beautiful family than yours in my entire life. I last saw the two of you when Daisy was pregnant with Jane back when we both worked at Salem Communications! I'm so incredibly happy to see you are 4 now, 4 incredibly beautiful human-beings!
God bless you all, and may you always be shiny and happy!


Ron Mirbaha